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With Social Media Proof You Become The Trusted Source

Don’t let your competitors win the social media battle

The More You Post, The More You’re Seen

(and that means more business)

Facebook is King

Facebook owns a quarter of the world and is still growing fast. There’s a very strong possibility that most of your prospects and customers are on Facebook. So if you’re not, you will miss out more and more – and a competitor will eventually gain.

Quality Counts

Unless you post the highest quality content, people won’t take notice. That content must be aligned with what your patients and clients are looking for in terms of practical advice as well as inspiration and motivation to perform the best and be free of pain.

Consistency Matters

Keeping your audiences attention and engagement only happens when you’re there for them every day – including weekends and holidays. But it takes a lot of effort, which is why we step in and do it for you so you can rest easy that someone’s got your back too!

Your Business Is ALWAYS At The Heart

Your business matters. We get it. If you’re going to make your presence felt, then everything you put out to the world must be congruent with your vision. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

That means putting out the highest quality content consistently – so your prospective patients and clients know you’re always doing your best for them.

And the best way to start is to create a Facebook Business Page (if you haven’t got one) and start adding content at least twice a day. Chiropractors who do this get far more attention than those who ignore it.

People will always judge a book by its cover, and your business is no different. If it doesn’t keep up with the times, it will not be seen at all. That’s the nature of all businesses today.

But you’re lucky. The Chiropractic industry is still way behind other industries in terms of online presence. And this gives you a chance to shine before your competitors realise what’s happening.

If you want to talk about how we can help you take that first step on the ladder – for an incredibly low cost, pick up the phone and give us a call. Here’s the number: 01945 588105 (note we do not accept calls from Withheld or International numbers).

Who Are Your Real Competitors?

Having a website is not enough. Without social media proof how will your customers know you can be trusted?

Why We’re The Number One Choice

No other media company offers a Chiropractic specific package with a Guarantee to match

Talk to anyone in Social Media and you’ll get the same answer “we can’t make any guarantees…”. But here at ProofMEDIA we’re all about one thing, and one thing only – PROOF. If we do not deliver on our promise for the package you invest in, we’ll give you back your money for any month we fail to deliver on. How’s that for a cast iron guarantee!

Are You Ready To Order?

Our BRONZE level package for Chiropractors will post a high quality, Facebook ready graphic with chiropractic aligned content twice a day, everyday including weekends and holidays. And the cost is just £79 per month (that’s 60 pieces of original high quality audience engagement and attraction pieces per month – all branded with your logo). To order, click below.

There is only one way to prove we care…

We care for every customer we take on board. Unless we deliver on our promise, we don’t want your money. And the only way we can keep our 5 star reputation is to deliver on time, every time. That’s why we can guarantee it.